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Welcome to Aberdeen Floorball Club

Aberdeen Oilers were established in 2006. The main aim of the club is to promote the sport of floorball in the Aberdeen and surrounding area. The Oilers have attracted a range of players from the local education institutions as well as those living and working in the Aberdeen area. The oilers have joined the northern league for the 2007/2008 season. The Oilers are Scottish Champions 2008/09

Battle for title begins!!!

07 March 2010

In the first match of the T5, Aberdeen faced Speedhoc Chapel. This game represented the battle for the 1st place in the tournament. It started very well for Oilers, who scored quick goal within the first few seconds of the game. The whole first period was in Aberdonian hands, when the team from the North managed to score the second goal few minutes later. However, Speedhoc Chapel gave its first warning to the Oilers one minute before the end of 1st period when they swiftly scored their first goal and changed the score to 2-1. The second period was totally opposite from the first one. That was the major reason why Chapel managed to equal the game and later on brought wining on their side... Unfortunately the final result was 7-4 for Chapel Speedhoc who later on won all three games of the T5. In their second game Oilers played against Balwearie Lightning., Oilers wanted to make up for the lost reputation after the lost game against Chapel and indeed they did, in an excellent way, when they easily won the game with final score 14-0. Last game of the tournament was against Chapel Chiefs, who played all the games of the tournament only with five players. They certainly deserved appreciation from everyone after long day of floorball. The game finished 5-0 in favour of Aberdeen Oilers.


04 February 2010

Due to WFC (World Floorball Championship) Qualifiers, the date for T4, which was meant to be played on Sunday 7th February, has been changed over. The new date is still to be announced.

Northern League Cup

10 January 2010

Long Christmas break and perhaps too many sweets cut our way to the next round of the Scottish cup where Balwearie Thunder beat us in the first game of the day. Aberdeen Oilers Floorball Club would like to congratulate Edinburgh Eagles who, despite having played only with five players all day, won the League Cup. Good job, guys!

T3 Glenrothes

13 December 2009

The third tournament of the league saw the Oilers heading down to play in Glenrothes. The longer drive seemed to rock the Oilers to sleep and the team headed into the first game not yet quite grasping that they were in a game of floorball. That was not the best way to start a game against Edinburgh Eagles. Both teams were lacking a few key players. Despite the game being equal at the beginning of the game, Oilers seemed to lose the steam and received three quick goals in the third period and the game was over. Next match was against Balwearie Thunder, in which Aberdeen Oilers overturned the bad luck in shooting from the first game. Good start of the game meant quick goals in Thunders´net and help team to get game under control. Oilers´ first line produced the most of the goals and the team pocketed well deserved 8:1 victory. Last game of the day was against the Chapel Chiefs. Chapel took a few players from their first team to increase their chances against Oilers, however, this move did not turn out as planned. Aberdeen Oilers won easily 4:0, thanks to sticking to a much disciplined game allowing only a few mistakes. It was also first shootout for our Venezuelan goalkeeper Sabato Miranda.

Dundee witnessed Aberdeen Players fighting for the title in 2nd tournament ...

15 November 2009

On Sunday morning, five cars full of players and supporters took of in the direction of Dundee. Shortly after 10am, well warmed-up Oilers took on their first match of the day against Balwearie Lightning. And they sure gave their fans what they cheered for, an easy 8-0 victory. 1st third - 1-0 (Daniel Walti, Lukas Bronec) 2nd third - 2-0 (Mike Kanda); 3-0 (Lukas Bronec, Daniel Walti); 4-0 (Lukas Bronec) 3rd third - 5-0 (Johan Samuelsson, Billy Brown); 6-0 (Arvis Heidemanis, Johan Samuelsson); 7-0 (Daniel Walti, Jan Felcman); 8-0 (Jan Felcman) Balwearie Thunder squared up against the Aberdeen Oilers in the next game. After a hard fought game, two Aberdeen goals late in the first period put the Thunder team on the back foot. Another two for Aberdeen in the second saw a final scoreline of 4-0. 1st third - 1-0 (Arvis Heidemanis, Mike Kanda); 2-0 (Lukas Bronec, Jan Felcman) 2nd third - 3-0 (Daniel Walti, Mike Kanda); 4-0 (Petter Krantz, Arvis Heidemanis) The last game of the day saw Edinburgh Eagles go head to head with Aberdeen Oilers in what would be a tough match for both teams. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, the second half of the match won't be played until T3. The scoreline will pick up from T2 which is a 3-1 lead to the Eagles. 1st half - 1-2 (Lukas Bronec)

First tournament of the Season 2009/10

04 October 2009

On the way to defend the title... Aberdeen Oilers have proved everyone right about being the top team. It has been a spectacular day in Glenrothes on the first Sunday in October. Aberdeen Oilers did not hesitate at all and brought home three victories. They were the only team to win all games scheduled for the day. Oilers top the league ahead of their opponents Speedhoc Chapel and Balwearie Thunder by 3 points. Aberdeen Oilers took off from Aberdeen very early in the morning. After a compulsory stop at Dundee to shop for every player's necessities (bananas, meat sandwiches, isotonic drinks) and marveling at the village called Moonzie, Oilers found themselves in Glenrothes - ready for their first appearance of this season. The warm-up took place outside the sports centre where players could enjoy an unusually beautiful day - running under the blue sky. Maybe it was the amount of oxygen in their lungs or it could be the coaching skills of Mike Kanda and Daniel Walti, nevertheless, Aberdeen Oilers pocketed a relatively comfortable victory 5 -2 over Chapel Chiefs. The only two teams from outwith Fife came up against each other in the next match as Edinburgh met Aberdeen. Having beaten Edinburgh 5 times in 5 months in the second half of last season the Oilers would have been confident going into this game. Two early goals from Aberdeen made it difficult for Edinburgh and the Oilers went on to go 6-2 up. A late rally from the Eagles brought the score back to 6-5, but with the team from the capital pushing hard for an equaliser Aberdeen exploited the space at the back to score a couple more and put the game beyond Edinburgh. The most anticipated match of the day was undoubtedly Aberdeen versus Speedhoc Chapel, who ended up on the second place last year. It was a very competitive match, however, Aberdeen Oilers do not scare easily. Despite of quite recent significant changes in the team, Oilers give no freebies to anyone and Speedhoc Chapel was not an exemption. Oilers won 4-2 against their title rivals and sent a clear message to all - we are going to fight for the title again!

New Look

20 July 2009

The new salming strips have finally arrived an the Oilers are proud to show off their new look for the next two seasons. The team woudl like to thank salming for their support and hope to do the sponsors proud in the upcoming seasons.

Oilers in support of World Vision

20 July 2009

The Oilers are pleased to announce they have given away the front of their new strips to promote World Vision, a Christian charity that works with children, families and communities in their struggle against poverty, hunger and injustice (

Oilers secure new sponsorship with Salming

20 July 2009

The Aberdeen Oilers are pleased to announce a two year sponsorship deal with Swedish floorball manufacturers Salming. With new strips and equipment on the way, the Oilers look forward to adding another proffesional touch to the club. The deal also sees new youth equipment being brought into the club, which will be invaluable in assisting pro player Daniel Waltis aims to develop youth floorball in the Aberdeenshire area.

Ladies in Play Off Cup Final

20 July 2009

Scotlands first ever ladies league season culminated in a fiercly competed play off cup. Seeded according to league standings Aberdeen faces St Andrews in the semi finals. Having drawn and lost to St Andrews, Aberdeens ladies were geared up to win this won and put on an excellent display of floorball. Aberdeen scored the only goal of the match after a shot by Jasmin Godbold rebounded off the keeper into Lorna Teals blade. Result - ball in the net and a 1-0 win for the reds, putting them in the final against Glenrothes.
The final was another highly competive and closely fought match with Aberdeen taking the lead 1-0 after some excellent team play. However, the Glenrothes offence, well know for upping its game in the dying minutes, started a frenzied attack and the Oilers found themsleves trailing 4-1. Aberdeen found the net again to score 4-2, and pinged another off the post, but it was Glenrothes who went through to lift their second trophy of the season.
More info at

British National Championships 2009

20 July 2009

The Aberdeen Oilers started their Nationals campaign against Oxford university who proved to be tough, fast and physical opposition. Never their best early in the morning, the Oilers didn’t get off to a great start and were quickly lagging behind. After a half time pep talk by the coach the reds improved their game for a much closer second half, but it was too little too late and the game ended 8-2 to Oxford. The next group game was against fellow league team Balwearie Lightning, a much better performance all round and a safe 8-0 win to Aberdeen. This left the reds second in their group and facing the London Sharks, SE league winners and fellow salming team, in the next round. After a great nights sleep at the hostel (or not) Aberdeen were geared up for the challenge. A very close and competitive match ensued and an alltogether great display of floorball, but the luck was not on Aberdeens side and the game ended 4-1 to the Sharks. So the Oilers were left playing for a position and came up against Brighton Rock. Despite weary legs, the floorball continued at high level and another end to end game, with the Oilers concieving a shorthanded goal in the dying minutes of the game. Finally playing for 7th place the Oielrs came up against Edinburgh. Having beaten Edinburgh in all their previous encounters, the Oilers weren’t ready to give this one away and ended the Nationals on a high with a comfortable 5-3 win for 7th place. La bomba!

Awards all round

14 May 2009

The annual Northern League awards for the 2008/2009 season saw three Aberdeen players in the top category, with Michal Zacik picking up “Best Keeper”, Jan “Honza” Felcman “Best Forward” and Captain Osku Rantala winning the leagues “Best Player” for the second year running. The Aberdeen Oilers “Most Valuable Player” award went to Lorna Teal.

Oilers 3rd in Play-Off Cup

13 May 2009

Easter Sunday brought some last games for the Oilers in the Northern League this season with the leagues play-off cup. Having won the league, the Oilers were seeded number one and faced Dundee in the semi-finals. With a number of the usual red army missing, it would be tiring day for the few left behind. The game against Dundee didn’t quite go to plan, with many missed chances and solid defending by the yellows making it hard to score. The Oilers eventually lost 3-0 and so came up against Edinburgh in the play-off for third place. Following the captain’s words of “just go and enjoy”, this game started off on a better note with the captain showing the way forward by putting the first goal in the oppositions net. Many more followed, with a much better performance all round and the Oilers won 6-1 to secure 3rd place. Next up the Nationals!


11 March 2009

And so it arrived. The final league date and the Aberdeen Oilers, the youngest club in the league at only 2 years old, stood three wins away from the league title. The tension in the team was noticeable and the team did not settle in the first game at all. Balwearie Thunder were fighting for a place in the top 4 and showed their determination from the start. Despite many opportunities the goal posts remained better friends than the back of the net, but the Oilers still secured a 2-0 win. Second up were Edinburgh, again an expected tough game and after going down 1-0 the Oilers knew there was no place for nerves today. The important equaliser was scored by Lorna Teal from a very tight angle after a pass from Sascha Fässler via the boards behind the goal. From then on the game improved with the Oilers pulling out a 5-2 win. So, final game of the day against Lightning and with Chapel winning both their games on the day, a win was needed and it came! After a nervous start, the Oilers won the match 7-0 and earned their first Scottish league title! Champion celebrations continue….!

Two more wins for the Oilers

12 February 2009

The Aberdeen Oilers faced off against Dundee at T4 knowing that only a win would do to keep them in line for the league title. As expected Dundee played a fast and furious game and the reds worked hard at their game to keep shots on goal. The first period ended 1-1 but Aberdeen felt positive they could dominate and sure enough the Oilers shots started to go in. 15 seconds before the final whistle, Sascha Fässler then scored the final goal for the reds from a free hit well inside Aberdeen’s own half, ending the game 6-1. Next up were Edinburgh, the team currently heading the league table and the first time the two teams have met in the league. Another frenzied game at high pace which required much concentration but after going down 0-1, the reds pulled back a 2-1 lead which they kept up until the game ended at 6-3. 2 wins and 6 points puts the Oilers in 2nd place just 1 point behind Chapel but with a game in hand. All eyes on T5!

Exam time for Aberdeen

12 February 2009

Congratulations to Aberdeen’s newly qualified referees. Sascha Fässler and Oskari Rantala both passed the 50 question exam and thus qualify to referee at National level, Lorna Teal, Mikko Mäkimartti, Jasmin Godbold and Linda Glass all passed the 25 question exam and qualify to referee in the northern league. Thanks to Iain Carrie and Pete Heggie for travelling north to give the course and Kimmo Karjalainen, team chef, for the 4 hour endurance slog in the kitchen to keep brain cells live and kicking..

Tough day for the ladies

11 February 2009

On January 24th, the Aberdeen Oilers ladies team played league round 2 in Glenrothes. With almost three lines and a few new players it was a good turnout for the ladies in red who faced both Balwearie and Glenrothes. Despite leading both their games, Aberdeen conceded an equaliser by Balwearie in the dying minutes of the game, which ended 4-4, and Glenrothes scored the 4-3 winner only 30 seconds before the final whistle. More info about the ladies league, including full scores and league table can be found at

Winter Cup

10 February 2009

After a long Christmas break, the reds assembled for the winter cup to assess the damage of festive eating. Aberdeen were drawn in a group with Lightning, Edinburgh and Glenrothes and with a lot of first team players missing, some of the less experienced players had a chance to shine. The day started slowly with the Oilers scraping a 3-2 win against Lightning. More awake for the second game however, Aberdeen dominated over Edinburgh with a clear 8-2 win and a first goal for 15 year old James Young, one of Aberdeen’s upcoming youngsters. The next game against the Grrrrowl was never going to be easy without the full team but the reds fought on and the game ended in a 4-4 draw. Missing out on a place in the final by goal difference, Aberdeen then went on to play Thunder for 3rd place, where the mince pies showed their damage and the Oilers narrowly lost out 3-2.

Farewell to formidable Swedish duo

16 December 2008

The evening of the Oilers Xmas celebrations brought some bad news aswell – the departure of the formidable swedish duo that have played a huge part in the Aberdeen Oilers team and club this season. After a few words by coach and captain Osku Rantala, Daniel Löfgren and Jonas Freme were presented with Oilers trophies for their valued contributions to the team during their short stay in Scotland. Daniel and Jonas had kinds word for the team, stating „this is the best team I have ever played for (Jonas)“ and „this is the most fun I have ever had in floorball (Daniel)“... both Swedes agreed „we’ll be back!“ – anytime guys!

Oilers Get Festive

16 December 2008

It is that time of the year again – the Oilers donned their santa hats and spread festive cheer amongst the team. Warming up with a few stretches on the infamous twister, the reds celebrated their most successful start to the season yet in true Oilers fashion. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

Aberdeen still climbing

10 December 2008

The Oilers headed into their first game against “the Grrrrowl” not sure exactly what to expect. With a potentially very tough opponent the Aberdeen team focussed hard on their game and it paid off. The reds began to build a steady lead whilst keeping Glenrothes away from too many shots on goal. In the end it was a clear win for the Oilers with the game ending 9-2. Next up were Balwearie Lightning and the Oilers were determined to continue with their clinical play. The game produced a few first league goals for some newer Oilers members, Marcus Hansson and Masha Nahkshina and also a shut-out for the stand in keeper, Sascha Fässler, who is more commonly found on the wing. The match ended 13-0 and provided more key points for the Oilers. With Chapel drawing 6-6 against Dundee, Aberdeen now sit second in the league table, one point behind Edinburgh, but with one game in hand. The season is hotting up and with not many points separating teams, is proving to be possibly one of the most exciting northern league title chases so far.

Daniel Walti pays a visit

10 December 2008

The Oilers were pleased to welcome their fresh pro-signing Daniel Walti and his manager at T3. After signing Daniel Walti for the club in summer 2008, Daniel went on loan to Swiss club UHC Domat Ems for the 08/09 season in preparation for playing the 09/10 season with the Oilers. Daniel and his manager came to the UK on a visit for some discussions and the Oilers were pleased to show them two wins at T3 in Dundee. The Oilers are particularly excited about welcoming a full-time floorball pro to their city to help develop floorball, especially youth floorball, in the area.

Oilers beat record Scottish championship holders

04 December 2008

After a month intense training and preparations the Oilers stormed into their first game against Dundee. Some tight defence and brilliant combinations on the offence lead built a steady lead over the first two periods, with the reds going 8-0 up. Dundee countered with a frenzied attack, but Aberdeen held onto their lead and the game ended 9-5. The second game of the day against last seasons champions Chapel was always going to be a tough and tight match with no room for errors. The Aberdeen coaches however had fine-tuned the Oilers tactics and the reds dominated the first period taking their opponents by surprise. More brilliant attacking combinations gave the reds the lead, but Chapel remained closely on their heels, equalising at 4-4. With the encouragement of a chanting fan club, Aberdeen scored two more and entered the final 2 minutes of the game 6-4 up. The defensive line was holding strong and despite another goal by Chapel in the dying minutes of the game, the reds held on secured a 6-5 win in a thrilling game of floorball. Following the epic battle of the previous game, some tired legs still continued to show off their skills against Balwearie Thunder and the third win of the day was in the bag with an 8-1 victory. Nine points from three tough games required ample celebrations!

First league games for the Aberdeen ladies

27 October 2008

The Aberdeen Oilers ladies team took part in round one of the first ever UK ladies league round. The three-a-side league is a new addition to the northern league in Scotland for the 08/09 season and four teams are competing for the first ladies league title. First up for Aberdeen were Glenrothes where Jasmin Godbold scored the opening goal after a great pass from Aino Nyssönen. Russian star Masha Nahkshina put another two into the net for the Oilers who finally won 3-1. In the second game Aberdeen faced another fast opponent and again a close game. The first goal went to Aberdeen with Lorna Teal finding the net after a back pass from Linda Glass. St Andrews equalised in the second half and with that the game ended in a 1-1 draw. 4 points and a great start for the ladies in their first official games. More info about the league at

Oilers off to a good start

22 October 2008

The northern league 08/09 season faced off on October 12th with some cracking games in store for the Aberdeen Oilers, who faced both last years Champions, Chapel and the previous years Champions Glenrothes Grrrrowl. Strengthened by some new additions to an already large squad, Aberdeen were confident they could compete with the best. First up were Chapel and in a very close and very competitive game, the floorball was fast and exciting. The Oilers managed to equal a first Chapel goal after a great strike by defender Mikko Mäkimartti. Chapel then went up 1-2, but within 2 minutes the Oilers had equalised again through forward Sascha Fässler. In the final minutes of the game, both teams were playing hard to get the winner, but the experience and team play of Chapel shone through and the game ended 2-4 to Chapel. The Glenrothes game was equally fast paced and close, but the Aberdeen Oilers scoring line, featuring Oskari Rantala, Honza Felcman and Sascha Fässler gave Aberdeen the 3 goals they needed. A massive effort by the Oilers defence and keeper worked hard to keep the balls out and the Oilers up and the game ended with a hard-fought 3-1 win to the reds.

Oilers take part in “fun fives”

03 October 2008

On September 14th Aberdeen participated in the first northern league fixture of the season. The new friendly fives fixture, introduced last season, saw over 60 players from all 6 northern league clubs participating. The aim of the day is to encourage interaction between players from all clubs and allow a platform for non-league players to have a game. On the day all players are mixed into teams and play in a round-robin. Aberdeen were pleased to give the opportunity to some of their new younger players to participate in their first league events and 16 year old goalkeeper Craig got off to a great start keeping for the winning team alongside club veteran Neil Shaw and club newbie Alissa James who had arrived in Aberdeen only four days before.

Northern Leauge 2008/2009 Fixtures Released

27 August 2008

Round 1- October 12th FIPRE
08:45 Lightning v Thunder
09:45 Aberdeen v Chapel
10:45 Dundee v Glenrothes
11:45 RBS v Lightning
12:45 Thunder v Dundee
13:45 Glenrothes v Lightning
14:45 RBS v Chapel
15:45 Aberdeen v Glenrothes

Round 2- November 9th MAYFIELD
09:00 Aberdeen v Dundee
10:00 RBS v Thunder
11:00 Chapel v Lightning
12:00 Glenrothes v RBS
13:00 Chapel v Aberdeen
14:00 Dundee v Lightning
15:00 Aberdeen v Thunder
16:00 Chapel v Glenrothes
17:00 RBS v Dundee

Round 3- December 7th MAYFIELD
09:00 Glenrothes v Aberdeen
10:00 Chapel v Thunder
11:00 Dundee v RBS
12:00 Thunder v Glenrothes
13:00 Aberdeen v Lightning
14:00 Thunder v RBS
15:00 Chapel v Dundee
16:00 Lightning v RBS

Round 4- 8th February MAYFIELD
09:00 Dundee v Aberdeen
10:00 Chapel v RBS
11:00 Glenrothes v Thunder
12:00 Thunder v Lightning
13:00 Glenrothes v Chapel
14:00 RBS v Aberdeen
15:00 Dundee v Thunder
16:00 Lightning v Glenrothes
17:00 Dundee v Chapel

Round 5- 8th March FIPRE
08:45 Lightning v Chapel
09:45 RBS v Glenrothes
10:45 Thunder v Aberdeen
11:45 Lightning v Dundee
12:45 RBS v Aberdeen
13:45 Thunder v Chapel
14:45 Glenrothes v Dundee
15:45 Lightning v Aberdeen

Tour of the North

21 August 2008

On Saturday 16th of August Aberdeen hosted its first ever floorball tournament, the „Tour of the North“. The Oilers were competing against Dundee and a mixed team from Balwearie and St Andrews. After everyone had played everyone once in a 2 x 10 minute game, Aberdeen had won both their matches and Dundee were in second place. Everyone then played everyone again in a short 15 minute game and again the Oilers were dominant sealing two more wins and thus winning their first tournament on home ground. The day showed some really nice floorball, was enjoyed by all and was apparently “well worth the trip north”.

Aberdeen Oilers sign Daniel Walti

06 August 2008

On July 27th the Aberdeen Oilers Floorball Club officially signed their first pro player, Daniel Walti from Switzerland. Having previously trialled at Aberdeen during his stay in Scotland at the end of the 07/08 season, Daniel, who is only 18, impressed the club with his trademark Zorro goals and passion for the sport. On hearing of Daniels ambitions to “go pro”, Aberdeen were keen to get in first and grabbed the opportunity of signing the young talent on a 2 year contract. Daniel will be on loan to Swiss club Domat-Ems during the 08/09 season gaining valuable experience and will officially transfer to Aberdeen thereafter to play the season 09/10. With their new signing, the club is aiming for the top, working towards a place in the European Cup Qualifiers in 2010. On signing the Swiss 18-year old, the Oilers have agreed that during his stay Daniel will be working full-time on developing youth floorball in the Aberdeenshire area, promoting floorball in schools and thus ensuring a successful future for both the sport and the club. The Aberdeen Oilers would like to welcome Daniel Walti to their club and look forward to a prosperous future.

Sascha Fessler & Lorna Teal complete signing

Oilers duo at Amsterdamned 08 Floorball Cup

31 July 2008

Two of the Oilers founder members headed off to Amsterdam on the weekend of July 26/27th to attend the 4th Amsterdamned Floorball Cup. Both Lorna Teal and Sascha Faessler had previously lived and played in Amsterdam with the “FB Agents” and having participated in the very first Amsterdamned Cup in 2005 were keen return for another great experience. With no Aberdeen team travelling down, the two Oilers guested for other teams. Sascha Faessler played in centre for the “Swiss Floorball Selection” alongside another Swiss ex-Agent from 2005, Yves Hess. Lorna Teal rejoined her former team, the “FB Agents Ladies”, to compete in the ladies competition, which was held on a big-field for the first time. Although neither team quite achieved what they had hoped for, this did not dampen spirits and the weekend was a true floorball celebration with some quality teams on display and some tough challenges which were enjoyed by all. The men’s tournament was won by Finnish team SBS Kings in a superb final against Czech team Spindl Ubals, whilst the Czech Ladies Tj Sokol Brno Zidenice defeated Dutch league runners-up UA Sonics to claim the ladies title.

Oilers enjoy Northern League „mixed 5s“

28 July 2008

On May 25th, a delegation of Oilers headed off for some fun floorball at Glenrothes. The “mixed 5s” is a new floorball event in the Scottish floorball calendar where teams are made up from a mixture of players across the clubs. The day saw some great floorball being played in a friendly atmosphere and all Aberdeen players agreed, well worth the trip south.

Awards for two Aberdeen players

28 July 2008

The Northern League awards are an annual tradition where players from all clubs vote for the leagues best player, best forward, best defence, best keeper, most improved player, best rookie and clubs best player. Aberdeen Oilers captain Osku Rantala was awarded the prestigious Northern League Best Player award most likely due to his stylish appearance on the floorball rink... but possibly some skills aswell. The second trophy brought home was the Aberdeen Oilers Best Club Player award which went to Sascha Fässler, a valued multitalent, who notably played in every single position throughout the season, on top of assisting the captain with coaching and refereeing.

Oilers at British Championships

03 June 2008

Day 1
The Aberdeen Oilers took to the skies on May bank holiday weekend on their way to the British Floorball Championships 2008 in Stratford-upon-Avon. The atmosphere was tense as Aberdeen set up to face off against the mighty London Vikings. After conceding an early goal the Oilers managed an equaliser. The first half however ended 7-2 to the Vikings and on realising their opponents were barely breaking sweat the Oilers threw a few more attempts in a goal ward direction, putting a total of 6 into the Vikings net. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, the game ended 13-6 to the Vikings, a truly formidable opponent. The Bournemouth Bullets were next up and the Oilers managed to take the lead. More in control of this game than the first the Oilers showed their team spirit once again and started pulling ahead towards the end of the game. Billy Brown, in his first ever floorball tournament, put one into the net in the final minutes sealing the game 5-2 to the Oilers.
Day 2
The Oilers headed off with positive minds to fight for their place in the semi-finals against Brighton Rock. The game couldn’t have been closer. At a score line of 2-1 to Brighton Rock, the Oilers regrouped to try and find the equaliser and with only about 8 minutes to go it came… the score was 2-2…. Or was it? The goal was overruled; the score back to 2-1, and even the awarded penalty shot did not help in the quest for the semi finals place. In the dying minutes of the game the rush for the goal returned the opposite, and the Oilers eventually lost 5-1, with maybe the lack of experience of playing against more faster paced skilful teams showing. Nevertheless, the games were enjoyed, a lot was learned and new inspirations for training were found.

Gala Night 08

03 June 2008

The Aberdeen Oilers gathered on the beach to celebrate a successful first ever season for the team and club. Only the best spot on the beach would do to host such a celebration and soon BBQs were lit and stomachs filled with delicacies. Captain Osku Rantala stepped forward to say a few words of congratulations and thanks to all the members for their contributions to the clubs first year success and announced the presentation of the first Oilers club awards. Club members had voted and trophies were presented to the winners: Billy Brown (Rookie of the Year), Linda Glass (Most Improved Player), Osku Rantala (Most Valuable Player), Lorna Teal (Team Player) and Neil Shaw (P!OTS). The committee awarded the infamous “IBK award” to John Taylor for outstanding team spirit contributions of the most varied nature, ranging from his musical talent to rink board domino demonstrations, with the key event being the discovery of the crusher tactic (RIP the park bench). Osku Rantala went on to present the captains award to Sascha Fässler and Lorna Teal for their part in getting the club off the ground and letting floorball take over their lives (and the spare room). Once everyone had been suitably thanked and made special, celebrations ran their course and as the evening continued, the Oilers once again demonstrated what they do best…

Aberdeen win silver in Scottish League Cup

09 May 2008

The Oilers faced off against 06/07 league champions Glenrothes Grrrowl in the quarter-finals of the Scottish League Cup. A tough start for Aberdeen early in the morning, but spirits were high and the Oilers put on the pressure from the first whistle. The game was a physical game with lots of goals and closely fought. Aberdeen managed to make the most of a late lead and the game ended 9-6, a great result putting Aberdeen in the semi-finals against Balwearie Thunder. Games between Thunder and Aberdeen are always well enjoyed and this was no different providing another very close game where Aberdeen scraped a 3-2 win to put them in the final of the league cup. The opposition was Chapel, league champions who had defeated both Balwearie Ligtning and Dundee Northern Lights for their place in the final. Chapel were unbeaten so far this season and the red army was determined to try their best to change this. The game started well with Aberdeen earning an early lead but Chapel caught up and the game stood at 3-2 to Chapel for a long time with the Oilers looking hard for an equaliser. The third closely fought game of the day for Aberdeen who had, without doubt, had a tough draw.

Oilers Captain Tops League Stats Table

10 April 2008

Aberdeen Oilers Captain, Osku Rantala, AKA “the Tractor” tops the Northern leagues Stats Table for the season 07/08. With 21 goals and 15 assists Osku has done a fine job for his team this season and will surely be looking to improve on his position of Scotland's premier points scorer when the Oilers travel south for the Scottish Cup later this month and the British Championships early next month

Kongsberg Maritime Ltd to sponsor Oilers

01 April 2008

The Aberdeen Oilers have recently secured sponsorship from Kongsberg Maritime Ltd (Camera Division) to support their quest in the British Floorball Nationals. The Oilers would like to express their gratitude for the generous support of the company and hope to prove their worth when they travel to Stratford-upon-Avon on May bank holiday weekend to compete amongst the 8 top teams of the UK. Kongsberg Maritime Ltd is the world's leading manufacturer of specialist television and telemetry equipment for harsh environments, and can trace its history back to the birth of the UK North Sea oil industry, in 1975. A recognised global innovator, the company designs and engineers quality camera systems covering the spectrum of available technologies, for a diverse range of markets ( Aberdeen is home to the UK Headquarters, which provides sales, rental and service & operations support for the entire range of Kongsberg Maritime products and systems.

Aberdeen Oilers qualify for British Nationals!

27 March 2008

T6 was destined to be the Oilers most important league meeting of the season. With 3rd place and a space in the British Nationals to play for, training preparations were intense and on the day the Oilers travelled south to Dundee with a full three lines of Aberdeen spirit. Aberdeen would need to win all three of their matches, 2 against RBS Linlithgow and one against Dundee. The day kicked off with Dundee narrowly defeating Forth Phoenix (3rd spot rivals) 4-3 and the Oilers came up next against RBS. The Oilers presence was strong with all other teams looking a little shortbenched… possibly out hunting for Easter Eggs? Despite their apparent position in the league, RBS proved they are not a team to be taken lightly and although the Oilers kept ahead, RBS constantly fought back and the game was closely fought, showing off some brilliant shooting on both sides. The game ended 8-6 to Aberdeen. Next up were “local” rivals Dundee. Aberdeen knew this would be a tough game and struggled to get into it, going down 1-0 early on. However, the Oilers were awarded a penalty shot after a foul by the keeper which the “tractor”, Osku Rantala, executed with precision. Dundee kept up the constant pressure and managed to go ahead again. After trailing for much of the game, the Aberdeen players found some new fighting spirit, the lines were gelling and the shots started going in. Final score 12-6 for the Oilers – a great win and the 3rd spot seemed a little closer. In their third game of the day, the Oilers once again faced RBS Linlithgow. Being the third game for both teams, legs were getting tired, but spirits were high and the game turned out to be quite a goal feast. Aberdeen managed to dominate this game more than the first meet between the two teams, but again RBS were not about to give up without a fight. In the end the Aberdeen pressure and the tired legs got the better of RBS (who had notably played 3 matches with only 6 or 7 players) and the final score stood at 17-7. With the three wins under their belt, the Aberdeen Oilers have won themselves the leagues 3rd place and thus qualified for the British Nationals 2008! An amazing effort for their first season! Celebrations will be taking place in true Oilers style very soon!

Farewell to a Dundee legend

24 March 2008

Aberdeen Oilers headed off to play a friendly testimonial match against Dundee in honour of Bryan Griffiths (Dundee Captain) who will shortly be moving away. Aberdeen fielded a line of Beauty (Alex Sunderland) and the Beasts (Aberdeen ladies) and another line of “usual suspects”. The game was friendly but as always between the two rivals, hotly contested and Dundee came out on top (for today only of course!). After the game, Bryan was presented with a true floorball trophy (including the match ball) for his efforts in Dundee floorball. He has played a major role both for his club and in the Northern league and will surely be missed in the floorball community. Following true Aberdeen-Dundee traditions, post-match festivities were hosted on Broughty Ferry beach complete with BBQ and Sauna tent. Beauty and the Beasts clearly had more to prove and took on Dundee at beach Volleyball, whilst the “usual suspects” were “liking it hot” in the Sauna tent… Some bravehearts also went for a quick dip in the cooling waters of the Tay whilst the big fire got going to keep everyone warm. The Oilers wish Bryan the best of luck with his move and new job!

Ladies floorball on the up in Scotland

20 March 2008

After battling with the elements on the A92 and despite warnings of the Tay Bridge being closed due to high winds, the Aberdeen ladies did eventually make it down to the Kingdom of Fife for the third of the “Pink Rink” ladies floorball events. Luckily some more local teams were able to arrive on time and with the rink ready and spectators gathering games were soon on the way. Four teams, including two from Aberdeen, a St Andrews and a Balwearie team with a few extra players mixed in, played each other in a series of 15 minutes games, swiss-style (3 vs 3 + keeper, 20m x 10m rink). The Aberdeen 1 team, with Julie Bett (Chapel) defending the goal, came out on top and played St Andrews (2nd) in a semi-final, with Aberdeen 2 playing Balwearie in the other. The all-decisive final was played between the overall 2nd and 3rd teams grouped together, and the 1st and 4th teams together, which meant an “Aberdeen versus Fife” game. Although hotly contested Aberdeen pulled ahead and secured a 3-0 win. Top-scorer of the day goes to Aberdeen's Linda Glass (6 goals) who opened the event with a hattrick in the first 5 minutes of the first game. Well done! Special thanks to all the refs, Pete, Mark, Colin, Adam and Jason, the volunteer keepers, Bob, Danny, Sascha and Julian and all those who came along to watch for a while!

An excellent team performance at T5

26 February 2008

Intense training had gone into preparing for today’s league games. To stand any hope of moving off 6th spot the Oilers knew they had to pull off something special against two strong teams, Hawick and Balwearie Thunder, currently 5th and 2nd in the league. First game of the day saw Aberdeen facing Hawick. Although in the previous league meeting Hawick was supreme over the Oilers, this time Aberdeen had a much larger team present and the extra running power and training preparations obviously paid off. The Reds went ahead 2-0 in the first period through some cracking goals by Tommy Åhlén and Sascha Fässler. An unusually good start, but Hawick fought back in the second period which ended 3-3. The game was open to go either way but the Aberdeen determination paid off and (defender!) Tommy Åhlén’s third goal put them ahead 4-3. Eventually, captain Osku Rantala secured the 5-3 win by putting another into the net in the final minutes of the game. The Oilers were looking to continue their success in the next game against Thunder, who had previously secured an undisputed 6-1 win against Forth Phoenix. Instructions were clear and the Reds showed some good forechecking, quick changes and tight defending. The pressure paid off when Sascha Fässler scored with a well placed shot in the top corner to make the score after the first period 1-0. It was again Swedish defender Tommy Åhlén, who rushed to the front and utilised a free ball to put the Oilers ahead another goal. Thunder then managed to score from a free-hit close to the goal after some misunderstanding in the Oilers defence. An exaggerated bodycheck by one of the Thunder players caused lightweight Osku Rantala to fly into the boards. Oilers managed to make use of the resulting power play by scoring another goal to make it 3-1. Some brilliant saves by netminder Martin Vares kept Aberdeen in the game while Thunder tried to concentrate on their offence. It must have been a blast of wind suddenly blowing through the sports hall, which caused forward Sascha Fässler to lose his balance while charging unhampered towards the Thunder goal. Of course, this had to result in a penalty shot for the Oilers. After the first penalty attempt had to be retaken (referee was probably referring to rule 508 §4), Sascha Fässler converted the second attempt to put the Oilers another goal up. Some magic forehand-backward-shot by Osku Rantala secured the final 5-2 result. All the Aberdeen players demonstrated some excellent team work and the second win on the day was undisputed and well deserved. Celebrations were in order and the Oilers headed into to town for a well-earned Beer and Burger.


18 February 2008

The third tournament of the league saw the Oilers heading down to play in Glenrothes for the first time. The longer drive seemed to rock the Oilers to sleep and the team headed into the first game not yet quite grasping that they were in a game of floorball. Not the best way to start a game against a strong Forth Phoenix team and 3 goals were conceded very early on. A necessary wake up call for the reds who eventually got their act together and started getting into the game. The Oilers first goal came from Irish defender Gavan Ward on his league debut and the race was on to get two more. The game turned out to be very competitive and close fought. Despite winning both the second and third period 1-0, the late start was not quite enough to catch the 3 goal lead and the match ended 3-2 to Forth Phoenix. Next up were Chapel, currently top of the league and always a solid team but not feared by the spirited Aberdonians looking to improve on T2’s result. Again a bad start put the reds down 4-0 after the first period and Captain Osku Rantala, who had of course had more sleep than the rest of us, tried to raise the team from the dead. The second period was much better and despite conceding two more goals, the reds showed how a free hit should be taken, with Osku Rantala and Kimmo Karjaleinen setting up Danish star Anne Kejser who expertly popped the ball straight into the net. The third period saw the Oilers grow from strength to strength with some great defending against Chapels constant pressure, more great saves by Sascha Faessler (playing in goals in Martin Vares’ absence) and another great goal by Tuomas Tittala. The final score, 7-2 to Chapel and again if not for the first period a great game and very close.

Oilers in XMAS spirit

25 December 2007

The Aberdeen floorball team gathered at „Oskus Dunge-Inn“ for an evening of festive merryness. Kicking off with a range of international gourmet, from Finnish salmon to Danish herring, it was not long before the Oilers were proving their moves off the rink and on the dancefloor.

Oilers discover new tactics

01 November 2007

We are pleased to report that, following a night intense negotiation at the club committee meeting, this season's new tactics have been established. Pictured here, demonstrating the unusual style of play, are club forwards, Neil Shaw and Sascha Fassler. Unfortunately the walls were left defenceless against a strong attack of red wine.

Success at T2

29 October 2007

The Oilers knew they had a hard day ahead at T2, with three matches to be played against tough opposition, Dundee, Balwearie Thunder and Chapel. With surprisingly few hangovers the red team made sure of a proper warm-up before heading into their first game against Dundee. Having lost in a sudden-death penalty shoot out at the last meeting, Aberdeen were looking for revenge. The game got off to a bad start however, as Dundee went up 2-0 within the first minutes. This was a necessary wake-up call for Aberdeen, who managed to bring the score back to 2-2 after the first period. The two teams continued fighting a very close game and at 4-3 to the Oilers in the third period, Dundee decided to pull the goalkeeper. The pressure was on, but it was not to be for Dundee as the Oilers were awarded a penalty shot. Aberdeen’s centre Osku “the bomber” Rantala stepped up to execute the penalty shot putting the Oilers up 5-3 with only 10 seconds to go. An excellent game of floorball and a great win for Aberdeen to start off the day. Next up was Balwearie Thunder and again it was tight battle between the teams with some excellent floorball being played on both sides. The new trial forwards Tuomas Tiittala and Esko Paananen proved their skills and showed some fantastic combinations. After a shaky start, the Oilers gradually increased the lead and the match was won 5-3. Having given 200% in the first two games and with 2 wins under their belt the Aberdeen team were very happy. The rewarding hot shower however, would have to wait as the real test of the day was still ahead. With only a few minutes to recover from the Thunder game, the reds were back on the rink facing a skilful and organised Chapel team. The pressure proved too much for the Oilers weary legs to keep up with and the game ended 9-3 (although we may have lost count?) to Chapel.

Victory for ladies in 3’s tournament, dubbed “superb”

09 October 2007

Many did not know what to expect as 23 ladies descended on Mayfield Sports centre in Dundee for the arrival of "the Pink Pink" - a new event on the Scottish floorball scene. Organised by the Aberdeen Oilers Floorball Club, this new event was aimed at encouraging more ladies of all skill levels and ages into the sport of floorball. The event welcomed players from across Scotland including players from Edinburgh, Fife (incl. St Andrews), Glasgow and of course Aberdeen. Players were mixed up into 4 teams, with a 5th team formed by the young stars of Balwearie. Everyone played everyone in a series of games played "Swiss style" (3 vs 3 plus goalkeeper) and the day ended with teams being merged into two to battle it out in a bigfield final. The event turned out to be a real floorball feast played in a relaxed, fun and still competitive atmosphere. The Oilers would like to thank everyone who volunteered to help and make this event a success by playing in goals, refereeing, manning the stopwatches, writing down scores, taking photos, carrying endless rink boards or just simply coming along to cheer us on!

Oilers in First Ever League Encounter

01 October 2007

Another early start for the Aberdeen Oilers as they headed off to Dundee for their first ever official league game. Although some of the regular team members were nursing injuries or sunning themselves on beaches far away, the team welcomed many new faces and thus there was a strong presence of red shirts. The day faced off with Aberdeen versus Balwearie Lightning in a very enjoyable game. The scoring was opened by the Oilers early on after a nice combination and finish by winger Lorna Teal. Aberdeen's first season was on its way. After the 2-0 lead Aberdeen never looked threatened. At the end, after additional goals by Osku Rantala and Sascha Fässler, the final score was 5-2 to the reds - the first win of the season! Aberdeen's second game of the day was against fellow league newcomers, Forth Phoenix. A strong team captained by Italian international Romina Micheli. The first period ended with no score but Aberdeen managed to take advantage of a power play in the second period and went 1-0 up. Forth fought back and scored a controversial goal with one of their players clearly in the crease nearly sitting on the Aberdeen netminder! The game continued to be closely contested with defender Kimmo Karjalainen having to get treatment for a punctured lower lip! The Oilers eventually caved under the pressure losing 7-3 in another enjoyable match.

The Pink Pink

26 August 2007

Fearsone Female Floorball Fanatics are proud to host Scotland's first ladies event. Come along, take part, GET ADDICTED! 6/10/07 Mayfield Centre, Dundee. For more information contact:
Event Info

Oliers welcome Forth Phoenix to the Northen League

05 August 2007

All at the Aberdeen Oilers would like to welcome the Forth Phoenix to the Northern League and Scottish Floorball.

Oilers compete in British National Floorball Tournament

08 May 2007

Bells sport centre Perth hosted the 2007 British Floorball Championships, the flagship competition in UK floorball. The competition attracted interest from teams from Brighton to Aberdeen. The weekend long event saw some highs for the new comers from the Granite City who, after a tough battle, secured their place in the knockout stages of the competition. The weekend saw the first clash between Dundee Northern Lights and the Oilers, a game which proved to be one of the closest fought in the whole tournament. Regular time could not split the two sides after the Oilers scored an equalizer in the dying seconds of the game. The penalty shoot-out ended in sudden death with the experience of the Lights shining.

Aberdeen take on Northern League giants

01 April 2007

It may have been the first of April however the match up between Aberdeen and Balwearie was no joke. The first match saw the Oilers narrowly miss out 3-2 against Balwearie Lightning, with the Oilers Irish defender Gavan Ward scoring on his debut and Ilkka (can't spell his surname) once again showing how they do it in Finland. Aberdeen forward Lorna Teal promises to focus less on her shoelaces and more on the game at the next meeting. Thunder then stepped up the pace in the 2nd game of the day and, not put off by the shiny red army, secured a .... win (what was the score?). Despite the floorball defeats, the Oilers held their heads high as they were sure they had at least won the race for chocolate cake at the wok and spice.

Aberdeen in first win of season

20 March 2007

A strong team from Aberdeen floorball club recently enjoyed their first win of the season. The competition was the Northern Bar Aberdeen for the weekly pub quiz. Turnout as usual was strong with a constant pressure in all rounds. Aberdeen hope to repeat the success of last week when they enter the competition to retain the title of 'pub quiz champions'

Dundee threes welcome Aberdeen Floorballers

10 March 2007

Mayfield sport centre was the venue for the Dundee threes, a new event on the floorball calendar. The brainchild of Dundee's coach and Finnish veteran Tomi Tinkkynen the threes offers floorball for players of all levels in a friendly fun environment.

Oilers to play Balwearie in friendly match

28 February 2007

This weekend the Oilers will entertain a development team from the Kingdom of Fife in a friendly match. The game will be hosted by Torry Youth and Sport Centre, details of which are on our venues page. More information about Balwearie can be found at Balwearie Floorball

Aberdeen welcome internationalist

27 February 2007

The Oilers are pleased to anounce the surprise arrival of power forward Ville Virtanen. Club spokesman Sascha Fsssler admited that he was not sure of the origins of this player however he could confirm that Ville was surprised to hear that it is not a tradition in Scotland for the loosing team to sacrafice two sheep as an offering.


Oilers host development meeting

11 February 2007

Aberdeen Oilers entertained a delegation from Dundee Floorball Club including Dundee's Chairman Paul Shaw. The talks, lasting well into the night, will be followed up by a delegation travelling to Dundee on 12th Feb. It is hoped that this cooperation, unprecedented in Scottish floorball, will help the Oilers prepare for next seasons campaign.

Paul, Lorna and Sascha discuss floorball
Paul(Dundee) , Kimmi(Aberdeen),Lorna(Aberdeen) and Sascha(Aberdeen) discus an integrated junior development policy

Oilers celebrate new signings

03 February 2007

After a spate of recent signings the Oiler's veteran defender Neil Henderson hosted an induction evening for new and old members alike. The evening kicked off with drinks and nibbles at Neil’s Apartment followed by corporate hospitality at a local hot spot. The Oilers would like to apologies to anyone who has been scared by Karl’s outrageous dancing. We are hoping some of this energy will be prevalent on the field of play when we face off for our first friendly against Balwearie Lightning.

Michael and Sascha on night out
Mike and Sascha help welcome new members

Aberdeen Oilers arrive on the UK floorball stage

21 December 2006

After much hard work the Aberdeen Oilers are here and are already planning the 2007 / 2008 Northern League campaign. After a month of well attended and exciting training the team is now in a position to plan for the future. The Oilers would like to thank all from Balwerie and Dundee who have helped out at the training sessions over the last few weeks.

Aberdeen Oilers join North East Floorball Network

21 December 2006

Aberdeen Oilers and Dundee Northern Lights have teamed up to produce the North East Floorball Network, a website network dedicated to providing accurate and up-to-date information relating to floorball and the floorball community in the north east of Scotland.