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Welcome to Aberdeen Floorball Club

Aberdeen Oilers were established in 2006. The main aim of the club is to promote the sport of floorball in the Aberdeen and surrounding area. The Oilers have attracted a range of players from the local education institutions as well as those living and working in the Aberdeen area. The oilers have joined the northern league for the 2007/2008 season. The Oilers are Scottish Champions 2008/09

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27 September 2011

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Czech Open 2010

12 June 2010

Totally 243 teams from 17 countries will participate in the 18th edition of the International Floorball Tournament CHANCE CZECH OPEN 2010 forex in Prague and we are pleased to announce that Aberdeen floorball club will be one of them. Aberdeen will play with one male category (Aberdeen Oilers) and one female category (Oilers Agents). We would like to wish all the best to our teams during such a great Tournament. More info:

Aberdeen is Play off Cup Winner

01 May 2010

Aberdeen Sports Village hosted another Cup for the Floorball Northern League on 1st May 2010. In the Play off participated five teams, Dundee, Edinburgh, Balwearie and two teams from Aberdeen (red/white). The format of the Play off was on the same basis like the Northern league, where every team plays against each other. The team with the most points at the end of the day is the winner. It was a great chance for every participating Team to play in one of the newest Sports facility in the UK. All day was in the friendly atmosphere and everyone seemed to have a good time on the venue, however, the happiest Team at the end was Aberdeen Oilers (red) who won all games. We would like to congratulate Aberdeen Floorball Club for another great success in the 09/10 season and to wish them good luck in the following season. We would like to say Thank you for all Aberdeen Oilers committee members, players and drivers who were driving us safely to the venues and back home for the whole season.

Moral Winners of the Tournament

04 April 2010

Oilers left Aberdeen shortly after 7:30am on Sunday morning to drive down to Glenrothes for their last game of the season. Mission was clear IQ Options login, to become the Scottish Champions second year in row. All needed was to win all games of the Tournament. Their first opponent was Balwearie Thunder, who had only 4 players available for this game. Aberdeen played with very well organized squad and managed to score opening goals of the game very quickly. It was also good chance for Aberdeen to establish lines for the rest of the day. However, Balwearie Thunder were getting better later in the course of the game and also managed to score one goal in the last period of the game with final score 9:1 for Aberdeen. Next Oilers game was the 20 minutes continuation of the unfinished match against Edinburgh Eagles abandoned since T2. The Oilers needed a win in this match to keep their league cup hopes alive but they were facing a 2 goal deficit from the outset as Edinburgh led 3-1 already. Oilers started very well when they managed to score a quick goal. Aberdeen players had game under control and hold Edinburgh under big pressure. That has paid off later on in the game, when they scored another goal and equalize the total score to 3:3. Everything looked perfect for Aberdonian team, when Edinburgh turned into the goal one of their sporadic chances. Time was running and Oilers had to put Edinburgh under pressure again and start with more offensive game. However, Edinburgh used this situation and scored another goal which seemed to end the game. Not surprisingly enough, brave boys from Aberdeen did not give up and pulled the goalkeeper away for the last few minutes of the game which they made the best of and score a goal. One minute before the end of match – Aberdeen Oilers v Edinburgh Eagles 5-6. Unfortunately, Aberdeen didn’t have enough time to score another goal and lost the game. Oilers realized that their chance to finish first and repeat the success from last year was gone after the game against Edinburgh. Nobody knew what we could expect from the game against Speedhoc but all Aberdeen players behaved as professional players and put 110% effort into the game. Aberdeen started the game in terrific form as they scored 4 goals in the first period. The game was full of fouls and penalty minutes. Oilers stopped running in second period and lost concentration which led to get in several goals from Speedhoc. However, the third period saw the oilers back in form – resistant to Spedhoc abuse and proactive in playing. Nothing could stop the Oilers from winning the game – not even a squad with two British National players. The group of friends from Aberdeen crashed the future Scottish Champions once again – this time 7-6 for Aberdeen Oilers. Aberdeen Oilers therefore won the game score against Speedhoc Chapel in the rate of 2:1, which is after last year Championship Season another great success for Aberdeen. Well done,guys! The last game of the day saw Aberdeen against Balwearie Lightning. The game was played in the true spirit of Floorball with no penalties and very clear game on both sides. It was a hard game for both teams after long day full of playing but it was also great chance to show people what is the aim of the floorball in Scotland. Everyone enjoyed the game and left the Fife Institute with great feeling. It was an easy game for Aberdeen against Balwearie, which was unfortunately missing a lot of players on that day, with final score 12-0. See you all in Play off!

Floorball comes to Aberdeen

14 March 2010

The Oilers were excited that the long awaited rink and a set of goals arrived at the Aberdeen Sports Village, just in time for a friendly with Dundee on the 13th. It took three keen Oilers four hours to unload the rink and store it in its new home by the sports hall in the sports village. The next day, the Oilers played their first home game in the new full IFF-size rink. Despite four goals scored by the enthusiastic visitors, the Oilers won the game 7-4, much to their delight . Thanks to the Northern League, Aberdeen Sports Village and Aberdeen University Sports Union for making floorball in Aberdeen now a reality. The Oilers look forward to hosting a series of friendlies and tournaments in the granite city!